A Little About Us

MidSouth Media Group began early 1999 and has grown into a multi-media company.  Starting as a home and garden trade show in 1999, and then launching a regional publication – MIDSOUTH  magazine in Spring of 2000 and later launching a regional television show with the same name in April of 2002. MidSouth Media Group has grown to be a household name experienced in the home, garden and lifestyle of the Southerners in the mid-South area.


Early in 2005, MidSouth Media Group partnered with Eastport Publishing and sold the publishing division of MidSouth Media Group to Eastport. In doing so, this gave more focus and attention to each of the three aspects of the business – magazine, tradeshow, and television production.


The most popular shows currently to MidSouth Media Group are the Market Show events, bringing 7,000 - 15,000 eager shoppers to each and every event. Catering to the Southern woman of the South, every event is designed to be fun, fashionable, and entertaining. It is the ideal way to spend a fun weekend with family members and friends, shopping the boutique and gift shops of the South  - all in one enormous venue!


We spend the year seeking to bring the best finds in food, fashion, accessories, and home décor to our shows, so you can experience them all in one place. These merchants have the most unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. 

We support Southern Small Business.




6920 Oak Forest Dr.

Olive Branch, MS 38654


Phone 662.890.3359

Fax 662.890.3918


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